About Kimball Capital Management LLC

Kimball Capital Management LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) based in greater Boston. We work with individuals, families and institutions to protect, grow and preserve their wealth. We provide financial planning and asset allocation strategies that are tailored for each of our clients. We recognize that all of our clients are unique and that their investment and planning needs may be different. As such, we may modify our primary investment strategies.

Efficiently manage tax consequences

We believe that building the right portfolio for you requires analyzing the implications of costs, taxes and performance. Our core equity portfolio invests in individual large cap stocks that allow us to efficiently manage tax consequences.

We use an intrinsic value strategy in order to find companies that are attractively priced. We complement our core equity strategy with index and active funds to add diversification across asset classes, such as international and small cap. We actively rebalance portfolios in order to under or overweight industry sectors based on our outlook for the global economy. In fixed income, we focus on quality and we choose bonds based on your need for taxable or tax-exempt income.

About Our Financial Situation

Your relationship with Kimball Capital Management begins with an in-depth conversation about your financial situation and gaining a complete understanding of your long term goals and objectives. As part of the process, we will help you to develop a long term financial plan customized for your individual situation. We will assess your needs, objectives, and risk tolerance, and create your Investment Policy Statement, your investment blueprint.

The next step is to determine your optimal asset allocation and to construct an investment portfolio that will provide you with competitive long term returns in accordance with your risk profile. As we move forward with your relationship, we will continually monitor your wealth management strategy and make necessary changes based on your situation while taking into account current financial market conditions.

Kimball Capital Management Team

George Kimball CFA, founder and Chief Investment Officer, has worked with individuals and families as a financial advisor for over 30 years. George brings in-depth planning and investment experience in financial markets across multiple asset classes.

He has worked as a senior advisor for several world class wealth managers, including US Trust/Bank of America, JP Morgan and Wilmington Trust. He is a member of the Boston Security Analyst Society, CFA Institute and the Boston Estate Planning Council. He received a BA from Hamilton College and an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University.